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Working Paper. Direito, B. Land and colonialism in Mozambique: policies and practice in Inhambane, c. Journal of Southern African Studies 39 2 : — Djikstra, A. Mozambique will be stripped of its forest 'in just a few years'. Accessed on February 10, Enes, A. Fairclough, N. Analysing discourse: textual analysis for social research. London and New York: Routledge.

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Political Geographic 1 33 : 1— Green grabs, land grabs and the spatiality of displacement: eviction from Mozambique's Limpopo National Park. Area 48 2 : — The political ecology of human-wildlife conflict: producing wilderness, insecurity, and displacement in the Limpopo National Park.

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Broken promises: Chad-Cameroon oil and pipeline project: profit at any cost? Obarrio, J. The spirit of laws in Mozambique. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press. People's Republic of Mozambique. Reforms some state functions without any significant change to the constitution. Land Law Revision of the constitution.

National Education System Law Mentions the fight against ignorance and superstition through science. Pereira, C. Pickles, J. A history of spaces: cartographic reason, mapping and the geo-coded world.


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Netherlands: Springer. Ramustindela, M. Transfrontier conservation in Africa: at the confluence of capital, Politics and Nature. Republic of Mozambique. Creates the National Administration of Conservation Areas. Approves the regulation of Land laws. Creates the Chimanimani National Reserve. Regulation of Forest and Wildlife Conservation Law Environmental Law Forest and Wildlife Conservation Law Approves the status of the Ministry for the Coordination of Environmental Affairs.

Republic of Portugal, Overseas Ministry. Republic of Portugal. Constitution Mentions Mozambique as an overseas province. Overseas Ministry. Schuetze, C.

Narrative fortresses: crisis narratives and conflict in the conservation of Mount Gorongosa, Mozambique. Conservation and Society 3 2 : — Scott, J. They also have the opportunity to interact with ELC staff and the many international experts who visit the Centre, and have access to the ELC library resources.

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