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Australia Zoo's Animal Facts

Heading to The Great Barrier Reef gives you the best chance to swim with wild turtles such as the loggerhead, hawksbill and the rarer green turtle. For an amazing experience head to Bundaberg during turtle hatching season to watch the baby turtles head to the sea for the first time after hatching. Wallabies are in fact kangaroos but wallaby is the informal name for those that are smaller than the kangaroos mentioned earlier. Look at that cute face!

Like the wallaby a wallaroo is also in the same family as kangaroos. A wallaroo tends to be larger than a wallaby but smaller than a kangaroo. The Australian water dragon is most commonly found in eastern Australia and very commonly seen in Brisbane. The one pictured below was spotted in Manly near Sydney. Water dragons are semi-aquatic and are therefore found near bodies of water, generally creeks, rivers or lakes with some rocks nearby to hang out on. Wombats are marsupials, but unlike most marsupials their pouch is backwards.

They also do square poops. Wombats have strong claws on their short feet and look a bit like a fat gopher. Yabbies are crayfish basically small lobsters that are a very popular seafood in Australia. They come in a range of colours including blue, red and yellow.

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Yabbies can even survive periods of drought for several years by burrowing into riverbeds. Out of all the Aussie animals listed which is your favourite and why? What animals of Australia have I missed?

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Like the Giant Koala, or the Big Penguin? Image copyright info wikimedia commons — CC BY 1. Me too I like you, u love animals too And I love learning about animals so much and I have also just adopted a furred cat. Most places seem to refer to it as the frill necked lizard, frilled-necked lizard or frill-necked lizard.

You will find that scientific journals, etc, also refer to it as Frilled Neck and not Frill Necked. We are a wild and diverse bunch. We come in many colours. Some of us like the bush, some like the hot sand and some like the water. Some of us can be cuddled and are friendly. Some of us are defensive and course.

We are a bunch of volunteers and starting a brand new scheme in our community. Your website offered us with useful information to work on. You have performed an impressive activity and our whole community will be thankful to you. I love Australia and have been lucky enough to visit several times. I have relatives in Sydney and Melbourne.

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The koalas are adorable, but the wombat is my favorite. Been astounded by the various species found on Australia, surely this continent got a lot to offer in terms of flora and fauna. Water dragons are gorgeous animals, in captivity live up to 20 years. They reach sexual maturity around 4 to 5 years of age. A male Water Dragon can reach a length of 1 metre and weigh about 1 kg. Two-thirds of the length of a Water Dragon is its tail. It is mainly muscle and is shaped with flattened sides, to help cut through the water like an oar.

Water Dragons dive into water to escape from danger. They can remain underwater for up to 90 minutes. Check us out. This is the land of the gigantic Saltwater Crocodiles too, been watching several episodes of Swamp People, really entertaining.

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Dingos are my favorites in this list, they look entirely like a domesticated dog, and I heard they can be a pet too, I mean, they can be trained to be a household pet? They should probably be allowed to be wild and live their natural life. Your email address will not be published. Agent login - Media. Book now. Australian Animals Written by: Kate - Reading time: 18 minutes.

A-Z list of Australian Animals! Examples include kangaroos, wallabies, possums and wombats. Native Australian Animals. Share this article. Write for us. Check out this awesome blog have been looking at Facebook Twitter Whatsapp Embed. Preview Australian Animals. Emu and Kangaroo are used on our cost of arms as they are unable to walk backwards.

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How can I relate all this Australian animals to Australian Culture? If you cared to read the article, you would have seen this mentioned. I mean I live in Australia and it is the best thing in the world. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Other things to do in the area.

Where would you like to stay? I am going to Animal Facts. Enjoy our wide range of fun animal facts for kids. Children will love reading the crazy, cool, strange, weird, odd and funny information as well as did you know facts and other interesting animal info that will help them learn a thing or two along the way. Learning about animals is great fun.


Australian Animals

Living in all parts of the world, these animals include cats, dogs, insects, birds, sharks, gorillas, frogs, cheetahs, giraffes, elephants, horses, sharks and many more. Dogs are popular animals which make for great family pets as well as reliable workers. Enjoy these great dog facts which help explain why dogs are so special. Tigers are the largest members of the cat family. They are the national animals of many countries but a number of tiger subspecies are endangered because of human activity.

We've all had nightmares about a great white shark attack like that in 'Jaws' but that's just one of many different types of shark species that swim through our oceans. Dolphins are intelligent animals that display a wide range of unique behaviors. Learn about their playful attitude, how they communicate with each other and much more.

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Lions are powerful and ferocious but did you know that female lions do most of the hunting? Enjoy lots more interesting lion information with these fun facts. Gorillas are imposing beasts that live in tropical and subtropical forests.

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Being a close relative to the human race they are intelligent animals with a complex social structure. Frogs begin life as tadpoles before they develop into a fully grown frog.