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Nauvoo Journals, December 1841–April 1843

Expected to be delivered to Germany by Christmas. Description Prophetic Journals Volume lll is the third of several journals in a series composed of prophetic word received from the Lord dated between March 13, and December 31, during times of listening to hear His voice. Topics highlighted in this series include those pertaining to God's end-time move of the Holy Spirit amongst His church, the Bride of Christ, but also in the world and within the world systems. Insight into the Lord's plan to strengthen, equip, and encourage those who belong to Him in the days ahead for the work of the ministry, to bring a harvest of new believers into His kingdom, and to prepare the way for His return is part of the Lord's message.

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I sometimes teach the following postgraduate courses:. November 21, Juda und Jerusalem zwischen Kult und Text vom 7. Seattle, Wash. April 29, View publications. Why would knowledge of the future be useful to God? Well, presumably knowledge of the future enables God to make decisions about how to exercise divine power in order to accomplish the purposes behind creation. So what God needs, for the purposes of providence, is not just knowledge about what will happen, but also knowledge about what could happen and what would happen in certain circumstances.

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Luis de Molina, an influential Spanish Jesuit theologian — C. In order to develop a view that would explain the relationships between all of these things, he drew a distinction between three kinds of knowledge in God, a distinction that suggests another response to the problem of prophecy. According to Molina, the first kind of knowledge that God possesses is called natural knowledge. Very briefly, here is how it is supposed to work: through natural knowledge, God knows what is necessary and what is possible.

Through middle knowledge, God knows what every possible person would do freely in every possible situation. And for reasons not known to us, God decided to create those circumstances, place Peter in them, and prophecy through Jesus what Peter was going to do. For a much more detailed explanation, see Flint , chapter 9.

It also appears to have some biblical support, because there are verses which seem to attribute middle knowledge to God, although this is disputed: see I Samuel —13 and Matthew — For one thing, they wonder about counterfactuals of freedom: can we really assume that these are either true or false?

The Morning Watch: Or, Quarterly Journal on Prophecy, and Theological Review - Google Books

How can they be true if for example the person in question is never in the situation and never actually makes a choice? Even if a given counterfactual of freedom is true, knowing a proposition requires that a person be able to distinguish what is true from what is false. The worry here is that perhaps not even God could distinguish true counterfactuals of freedom from false ones.

For a clever attempt to explain prophecy without middle knowledge, see Pruss and the response from Corabi and Germino There are several ways to try to resolve the problem of prophecy, which arises in cases where a future contingent event is predicted. The approaches discussed here have various strengths and weaknesses. As a result, one could reasonably predict that philosophical arguments concerning these matters will continue indefinitely into the future. Aquinas, Saint Thomas Christian theology, philosophy and compatibilism cosmological argument determinism: causal free will free will: divine foreknowledge and God, arguments for the existence of: moral arguments Ockham [Occam], William ontological arguments pragmatic arguments and belief in God providence, divine religion: epistemology of.

Philosophical Issues Raised by Prophecy 2.

treasurelive.com/2098.php Denying Contingency 3. Ockhamism and the Past 5. Atemporal Eternity 6. Middle Knowledge 7. Philosophical Issues Raised by Prophecy It is often assumed that the primary purpose of prophecy is to foretell the future, but this is not always the case. Denying Contingency Philosophers have responded to this problem in several different ways.

Ockhamism and the Past William Ockham c. Middle Knowledge This last approach to explaining how God knows the contingent future starts with an observation concerning foreknowledge and providence that advocates of open theism have made very clearly and forcefully. Conclusion There are several ways to try to resolve the problem of prophecy, which arises in cases where a future contingent event is predicted.

Bibliography Adams, Robert M. Basinger, David, and Randall Basinger eds. Boethius, The Consolation of Philosophy , W. Cooper trans. Cahn, Steven M. Carson, Donald A. Davison, Scott A. Flint, Thomas P. Morris ed. Freddoso, Alfred J.