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If students fail, the graders provide feedback on the areas where competency was not demonstrated. Students may resubmit if necessary.

Students will take both formative pre-assessment and summative proctored exams. WGU is increasingly using online proctoring, enabling students to take an exam at home under video supervision, using facial recognition technology to ensure that the registered student is taking the exam. Consequently, institutions such as WGU, the University of Southern New Hampshire, and Northern Arizona University, using a competency-based approach, at least as part of their operations, have seen annual enrolment growth in the range of per cent per annum.

Its main weakness is that it works well with some learning environments and less well with others. In particular:.

Competency-Based Education & Training

Competency-based learning is a relatively new approach to learning design which is proving increasingly popular with employers and suits certain kinds of learners such as adults seeking to re-skill or searching for mid-level jobs requiring relatively easily identifiable skills. What factors are likely to influence you to adopt a competency-based approach to teaching? Could you describe a scenario where you could use this approach effectively? What are the advantages and disadvantages of students studying individually, rather than in a cohort?

What skills are they likely to miss out on through individual study?

What is Competency-Based Education?

Is competency-based learning something an individual instructor should contemplate? At the time of writing, there is comparatively little literature and even less research on competency-based learning compared with most other teaching approaches. It is also an area that has recently evolved from earlier, more training-focused approaches to competency. I have therefore limited myself to more recent publications. The following publications are recommended for those who would like to pursue this area further:. Book, P. Garrett, R.

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Weise, M. Skip to content Increase Font Size. Chapter 4: Methods of teaching with an online focus. Activity 4.

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Why Competency-Based Education?

Search form Search. Forms Training Data Forms. Competency-based education and training programs focus on competency i. A continuous approach to learning includes pre-service education, in-service training, and continuing professional education. Sources: Sullivan et al. Second edition. Baltimore, Maryland: Jhpiego; Fogarty et al.

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Baltimore, Maryland: Jhpiego. Sort by Publication Date Title. Order Asc Desc. Items per page 6 20 Harmonizing scientific rigor with political urgency: policy learnings for identifying accelerators for scale-up from the safe childbirth checklist programme in Rajasthan, India.